What's the dumbest thing you have ever done because of a bet or dare?

I can’t really remember all of them of the top of my head, but:

  • I ate an entire bag of cat treats for a $2 bill. Not too bad; they taste like incredibly bland potato chips with mild “meat” flavor.

  • A friend of mine drank bong water on a dare at a house party, threw up, and then drank some of his own vomit for a $45.

  • Made out with a gay dude, my girlfriend, and a straight male friend to settle a bet on who was the better kisser, and wound up getting the worst case of the flu I have ever contracted.

  • I tried to run on a treadmill at a house party on a dare, wound up patching some drywall, waking up wearing some other guy’s clothes (I am also a straight male,) and was chased around the house by a dog holding a small plastic katana in its mouth, convinced it was trying to kill me.

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