What's the most difficult situation in your life that you've faced and overcome? What would you advise others who are going through a similar situation?

It’s pretty pathetic in the scheme of things but I had a failed engagement. I got so fucking depressed that I left my job, drank for six months straight, never left the house, got fat (from all the alcohol and excess food consumption). I made a resolution to overcome it and get active again so I started slowly walking around town, which lead to light hiking and photography of local scenery, mixed in with buying a longboard and just cruising around town (it was an easy way to see stuff when feeling no motivation to put in strenuous walking effort)..... it got me to really explore the area and look forward to whatever I could find the following day. I decided to stop drinking for six months, started doing yoga, and teaching myself how to eat healthy. Lost forty pounds, got my contentment back, and finally overcame my depression (on most days). It took about a year and a half, but I finally don’t wake up thinking about her anymore.

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