What's the most elaborate way you've cheated on an exam?

I didn't cheat but i helped dozens cheat:

Science, 8th Grade: Had a Motorola Razr, was incredibly good in the class besides aggravating the teacher enough to throw things at me when I was being a smartass, but I'd basically take payment from a couple classmates and text them all my answers during the test. The test were 85% multiple choice so it really boosted the classes grade average. I'd take the test, finish fast as FUCK, then sit there with my hand under the table, texting the answers w/o looking. I'd take quick Glace at the answer string before sending it to nearly half the class, and suddenly bzzzzz bzzzzz bbbzzzzzzz you hear everyones phone go off. I was never caught intil there was the was one test towards the end of the year that I told everyone I would not be providing my usual services so they better read up. My best friend send me a text asking for answer #11, phone WASN'T on vibrate and the teach confiscated it right away, turns out since I had not actually opened or replied to the text I was considered to have actually participated in any cheating and it was just my friend that went down. Good times w/ Mr. Wojo....

Social Studies, 8th grade: Me and my "hacker" friend have been messing with the computers for some time now, and we find a folder in a administrative guest account (yes, you read that, my district sure wasn't the brightest) labeled "T SHARE" we knew the student shared folder was "SShared" so this must be a teacher shared folder, JACKPOT. Several of our teachers tests were in there, one they still use and just switch questions around, so naturally we printed off one of each, and being quite a prodigy at social studies at the time I'd run through the whole test quick myself, check the answers in the book, and then snap pictures and send them off the friends and paying acquaintances.

SUPER SKETCH side story: Me and my friend showed one of the "cool kids" how to get into the guest accounts (he paid us, what the hell?) And dude printed out the ENTIRE test booklet for the state testing, (copy of last years test) at school, somehow wasn't noticed or anything, studied it, and got the 2nd highest grade in the state that year on the current test, not that it got him anything except harder classes, the bragging rights and also the right to be called derogatory things regarding intelligence by his clique. But ethier way we couldn't believe he got away with it.

That's all folks, 8th grade was fun haha

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