What's the most fireable thing someone has done but they kept the job?

Drummer in band on cruise ship party band broke the two cardinal rules of cruise ship employees...don't hook up with passengers, and don't get drunk on the ship. He called the entertainment director (third in charge after captain and chief engineer) to as for special permission to visit cabin of his cousin and uncle, whom in which, surprised him by booking a cruise on his ship. Well, the cousin was really a girl he met on board the night before. And the uncle was her father. They got off in Key West at 7am, went bar hopping, got shit faced, and came back to the ship by 1pm. They proceeded to keep the party going on the ship. Another band member called me to tell me that "drummer boy" was drunk and getting ready to go to the 6pm dinner with he "cousin" instead of resting/sobering up before our 8pm show time. We decided to let it play out. 7pm rolls around and the entertainment director calls my room yelling at me in her British accent, "Do you know where your drummer is? Are you the band leader or not?" And yada, yada, yada. Apparently, she discovered his lie about the cousin when he was seen in every cruise ship bar dancing and making out with his cousin. The entertainment director had the ship's camera crew follow them around to document it. She asked me to go find him and nip the problem in the butt while it was still fixable. We searched the ship and couldn't find him until he showed up at our gig lounge at 8pm. We chewed him out about risking our jobs, and told him we couldn't help him if they decided to kick him/or us off the ship. He got mad and left; therefore, leaving us to do our set acoustically. The music director came and spoke with us and told us worst case scenario was "drummer boy" would be lectured and given a write up. We were astonished, but glad that we were keeping our jobs. BUT...fast forward a few hours, "drummer boy" apparently thought he was fired, and spent the night in the crew bar doublefisting $1.25 top shelf shots with $1.25 imported beer all night. He almost got beat up a few times. On top of being drunk and belligerent, he was not only one of 19 Americans on a ship of 1500 crew members, he was a musician. The two of those factors were despised the most among the cruise ship crew. Anyhow, we was literally dragged out by his arms with his legs dangling by two security officers back to his cabin. He was still in write up and lecture territory until he started mocking the accents of the Indian security officers. Apparently he was acting up enough that they posted two officers outside of his cabin the whole night. I received a call the next morning from the entertainment director that the racist mocking was the final straw. The ship docked in Cozumel, knocked on his door, and told him he had an hour to pack his shit. We watched him do his walk of shame with two carts full of luggage/drum gear down the dock. So technically, he was fired, but only after surviving several instances of when he should have been fired over and over. As for us, I backtracked the bass lines and jumped on drums over night. We were good for another month until we were asked to go home and wait for a transfer to another ship. We took the hint, and left a week early to screw them over for not being direct with us. They were looking for our replacement the minute they fired the drummer, but told us we were great as a three piece, and need not worry. Fucking drummers!!

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