What's the worst city you've ever visited, and why?

South Bend, Indiana. It has the most pompous self-righteous bigoted shit heads around. Literally the only place where people are so rude and intolerant of differences you can get dozens of people walking away from you mid conversation if you're from a diff area and aren't a passive aggressive prick. Also prepare to be seen as "mentally defective" because you'll never see so many short minded judgmental bigots doing mental gymnastics in one place. They've obviously been drinking flint water, and wow does everyone there fucking hate their lives and living there and love taking it on anyone in the crosshairs (read: you and me).

Most of the city is a blown out rustbelt ghetto too with an insane crime rate. People in south bend start drinking at 10:30am and that's the "educated" people in south bend, in. Dealing a death blow to the city's collective liver and just purging the entire place would be the most laudable act possible. The whole state of Indiana is seriously fucked Up though. Filled to the brim with intolerant thinly veiled anger filled landlocked passive aggressive xenophobes. Even if you're from the Midwest, Indiana is just an entirely different ballgame. Spend a couple months there and you'll see exactly what I mean. A good portion of downtown bars in Indianapolis won't even serve you if you're black. The ignorance of Indiana transcends all political barriers, socioeconomic status, and educational status. It's so pervasive it's like the black plague, and most sane people abandoned this dump long ago.

tl;dr: the only electric fence Mike Pence should build is one around south bend, IN to keep the pervasive horribleness from oozing out to the rest of this country.

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