What's the worst thing someone did "for your benefit"?

A friend of mine created a Tinder profile behind my back. His idea was to prove me that I was actually desirable by girls. He decided that he would select pictures he had of me, and then create an account pretending to be me, and he would talk with the girls "I" matched with. He thought that as his texting skills, or texing game, is more on point, he would set me up for a date, and then all I had to do was actually going to the date.

As much as "nice" of a gesture this was, it disturbed me quite a lot. First of all, I didn't like the idea of someone pretending to be me online, even if it's my friend. Second of all, he had no idea of what type of girl I actually like, so he would match me with girls who weren't my type at all. Thirdly, his conversation style isn't like mine, so girls would expect me to talk on a date like "I" did, on the dating app.

All this was a complete surprise, one day he just sent me a screenshot and said "look, I'm setting up a date for you".

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