What's your opinion about Leo Gura and Actualized.og

He strikes me as an excellent entrepreneur. If I'm meant to be more judging than perceiving his videos easily belong to /r/badphilosophy. But I don't feel like I must 'agree or disagree' when I'm presented with ideas, not necessarily.

He's just another person who creates fun and 'high quality' YouTube content (the presentation style of some older videos are very good imo), sharing his intuitions and making sure to occasionally announce his godhood. I find that quite amusing and relatable. It doesn't trigger an emotional response in me when people act 'omniscient'.

Anyways, I generally spend HOURS watching videos / reading blogs of random internet people who put a lot of personality in their content. I don't care about truth and enlightenment stuff as much as I care about analyzing / understanding these people (at a personal level). It is because I have solipsism syndrome myself (and anhedonia which is caused by it) and one thing I can still 'enjoy' is observing 'others' getting lost, witnessing 'their' 'slipping into insanity'.

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