When did you realise your friend was toxic?

There wasn't really a "moment" when I realized it. Just a gradually building frustration with him and everything he does. Just some examples

  • Whenever there's a problem (especially one he caused), he will literally say "not my problem" and/or "not my fault"

  • He constantly starts arguments, just for the sake of arguing and causing stress

  • There was a period where he'd let everyone know he is an atheist.

  • He's always the victim

  • Has absolutely no concept of manners. Literally said that they're a pointless construct of human civilization.

  • Massive hypocrite

  • Does not stop pushing his perverted furry shit on people

  • Frequently does mean things and then frames them as jokes, and then proceeds to ask why you can't take jokes

  • Can't take jokes himself

  • Throws other people under the bus to save his own ass

  • He has a counter argument for every argument he has used against you in one of his forced pointless arguments. Refuses to accept this when it's pointed out.

I have to keep being this asshole's friend until high school ends. Drama with him will be far worse than being a fake friend for another year. He used to be a good person.

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