When have you had the biggest urge to say "I told you so!"?

Sure lol.

My friend Liv and I worked together briefly at one point. I was on my way out the door when I got her an application there, so she basically took over my job.

I’d worked with her new boss for years. David was a really nice older guy, who loved his two kids and his homescreen was a goofy pic of his wife. Total family man. Very good looking for his age.

He was also a really forgiving boss and hated the company (lol) so he let us bend the rules if we did our jobs.

Liv became convinced that he was into her and they were having an office romance, because he let her get away with shit, their “chemistry”, and one text exchange she showed me that was just him being nice.

She got mad at me when I told her she had built this whole scenario in her head. Then she embarrassed herself by flirting so overtly that he outright told her she was making him uncomfortable and he wasn’t interested.

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