Where are you even supposed to meet people?

The thing about online dating is that so many take it personally, but just remember what it is.

OLD is men swiping right on practically all women, so women er drowning in matches and interest. Practially every right swipe is a match for them (well 3 out of 4, r/tinderdata)

So competition is stiff. I have no idea how you look, but if you're average looking you're probably are looking at surge the first few days than 1-2 right swipes a week.

But put on a I have make the best of it mindset instead of a I deserve more mindset and you'll be ok.

Also ghosting .. Complaining about ghosting here is a huge sport, but in reality 24 hours without reply just means: Sorry, I'm just not interested currently, take care! .. It's not a big deal

Good luck mate!

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