She wanted to mutilate our future baby so I broke it off with her

Will you say you're being tolerant of other people's beliefs and perspectives? Or religious observations even? I'd think not. You've basically highlighted that I have a motive of harming children, implying that everyone that practices this in the world is mentally ill. I think an entire subset of people shouldn't be criticized for their beliefs. If you read my comments, I highlighted health benefits, something that a lot of guys struggle with. If a person is able to take care of it or show their child how to care for their body, and it is their decision then by all means you as a parent is free to do whatever you want with your child as long as it doesn't violate them.

Your reasoning is not justified for that claim, this stranger shared their problems on here and is inherently implying they need advice. So you saying this as your response doesn't make you sound very intelligent.

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