Who the fuck ignores code f.a.s.t?

I’ll respond to this comment like I did lower down, I’m not misrepresenting anything. I am stating exactly what I know of the situation. I take offense when attitudes are posed like I am trying to make a problem out of nothing. And I’m leading a blind witch hunt over bullshit neglecting to consider presentation and protocol.

We all work in the trenches of healthcare and I’m sure we all see massive fuck ups frequently. I’ve seen mistakes and I see the outcome of those mistakes. When a pt gets a “vanc allergy” noted on their chart because the nurse was administering vanc for days w/o checking the trough and the pt got red man syndrome. I’ve seen pts lose fingers because someone fucked up their presser administration and surgery and icu just point fingers at each other. I had a friend who’s main Ed doc at rural facility lock the door on a stemi “because he didn’t want to deal with it” then lose his license. I’ve seen an ignored psych pt go and murder his family and himself because the doc ignored our repeated pleas to hold him. I’ve seen a seasoned nurse refuse to give an ordered med she told the doctor was unsafe. Then the doctor went and did it anyway and killed the pt.

We ALL know that mistakes happen, don’t treat me like I’m trying to push an insane narrative. I left out parts of the story because I thought it was assumed that treating a stroke is common knowledge here and the details left out were obvious. Like not blindly handing out tpa, and info of LKN.

I’m angry because the information that I have been given seems like they mishandled the situation.

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