I wrote this because my exwBPD found my reddit account and went through my entire post history on this sub. And although I may have deleted all of my posts and comments and I wasnt going to ever post here again because I feel uncomfortable and scared now knowing that she knows and will likely snoop again, I cannot let her take this away from me. She knew this was like my diary and she knew this was my ONLY outlet outside of therapy and she promised me she wouldn't go snooping and she did anyways. What a way to start off 2020, lies and broken boundaries.

But the truth in the matter is this, I need you people. I need BPDlovedones. For my own sake. Our strength does arise from our numbers and our support for each other. I cannot stand on my own two feet by myself forever. From time to time I'm going to need you all to pick me up. Just as from time to time you will need us to pick you up. I cannot!! and will not!! let her take this away from me!

"You may uproot our houses but you will never destroy our kingdom."

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