The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch will run at 540p in handheld mode and 720p docked with dynamic resolution enabled

I've had terrible experiences with gamers irl tbh. When I first moved out here (AUS), I went to the local game/nerd culture(?) store to buy a Gravity Falls comic and attend the Smash Weekly and this guy was rather loudly questioning how I (Candian of South Asian heritage), was dating an Asian woman (my partner is Korean). Apparently, Asian women should only be dating Asians or white men in his eyes. This isn't the only experience I've had with racism and weird forms of misogyny in the gaming community irl, but normally I just ignored it but attacking my partner really made this one memorable for me.

Jokes on that guy though, I'm planning on proposing soon and I doubt this chicken leg ass is ever going to even talk to a woman.

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