Woke up to this above my bed [OC]

I have absolutely no idea why a picture of an animal eating another animal would gain this much internet points and +300 comments, but since you all have some repeating questions, here you go:

1) No, I'm not from Australia. I can take snakes hanging around my bed, but I'm not crazy enough to go to Australia.

2) As other have said, that's a Tokay gecko, getting eaten by a Golden Tree snake (Chrysopelea ornata). I could easily say that I knew that, but I didn't - so very many thanks to /u/exxocet

3) It wasn't in my regular apartment - I hired the bungalow for a few months with my friend. It was on a backyard of a local Thai family on an island, but there was a relatively big jungle starting right behind the bungalow (the same jungle also had some king cobras, but they are so rare they are most probably extinct on the island by now, or in a few years at minimum).

4) Guys, I'm still not in Australia.

5) It's not a shed, it's a bungalow. A pretty fancy bungalow for that, with the tile roofing and (cold) running water, if the pipe wasn't broken, and some electricity (one light-bulb always on, two sockets working). Okay, it was a pretty crappy bungalow. But it was our bungalow, so screw you and your fancy two-star hotel rooms.

6) Nope, still not Australia.

A bonus story for anyone who read this far: not only did I not move from there, I stayed there for a few months... And a year later, stayed there for 3 months more. The only reason I'm not going there this year is that they're building a 3-star "bungalows" there with all the amenities (with no snakes, can you believe that?).

If you see a snake in Thailand, you have a good 90-10 chance it's not venomous - but if you see a king cobra, tuck up your ego, run like hell, and scream like a little girl.

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