Women of reddit, what are your honest opinions on giving BJs? How much do you actually enjoy giving them?

Lol okay. I always talk to my partners and lay out what we like and don't like. I like tying a girls hands behind her back and face fucking her, but I always talk to her about it first and make sure she's okay with it. And then my current gf hates oral but loves being fingered and really loves vibration during sex. So I wear a vibrating cock ring(which is sorta uncomfortable and something im not really into) and will finger her after sex if she doesnt cum during. My only fucking point before all this shit started is that sometimes it's fun to work degradation and humiliation into your sex life. Since then it's apparently become a whole fucking thing about respecting women and lack of empathy because everyone here is so easily triggered. Idk why I'm ranting here anymore

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