Women, what do you want us men to stop caring about?

So do us short guys, but I think you're 90% of the way there and right in general. I think as a guy who's 5'7 it's a very good lesson going on dating sites. Sure, you'll have tons of women demanding you're 6'0 or make 250k, but if you dig a little deeper you'll see they are more than likely just insecure as most of them are have a few less than ideal qualities. However, I think it's also important to remember that if you're 5'7 and she's 5'6, she might just like wearing heels. No reason to get butthurt about that as it's ok to have preferences. I've seen women put on their profiles "no black guys" or "no white guys", too.... So it's probably just one of those things in a lot of cases. My wife is very good looking and about 5'3, took a minute, but you'll usually find a good woman\man if you look hard enough.

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