Wondering Weekend

I’ve been having very mild fever (running ~ 1 degree higher on average than what I usually do) for the past few days. I first noticed it Wednesday night and thought maybe I had an ear infection because my ear had been bothering me, and I was also just feeling run down Wednesday night after a long work day and had no appetite so I skipped dinner and went to bed. Thursday morning I got up feeling crappy and took a couple sips of water that I was only able to keep down for about 15 minutes. (I almost never throw up. The last time I did was over a year ago the first time I was pregnant, and that was only once) So I got dressed and went to the doctor. They did a rapid test for Covid which was negative and then checked my ears and said I had just a little fluid behind one ear drum but no infection. So she basically told me it was allergies (which I don’t even have) or something viral unrelated to Covid and just to ride it out.

It’s not Saturday and I haven’t had any more nausea or vomiting but I’ve had headaches (which I also almost never have) and the elevated temp has persisted but never gone above 99.95, and I remember dreaming last night which I also almost never do. Also I feel fine other than the headaches. And my BP top number was slightly elevated at the doctor.

Now, onto what I’m wondering. Is it possible these are actually early pregnancy symptoms?? I’m 8 DPO today (though when I look at my chart I think it’s possible that O date could have been a couple days before what the app is thinking) so it’s too early to test reliably (I’ll probably try tomorrow morning anyway) but with all of these things I’m just wondering if it’s too early for them to be symptoms???


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