The worst part about teaching is that you have to always be "on"

I’m in my first year. Fifth week. I school at classroom management even after working with great teachers for years and getting to see how they do things. They used PBIS though and where I’m at now you’re supposed to novitiate intrinsically. One day this week I got so tired of giving reminders. I’ll give a direction 2-3 times and still have kids asking me!!! I typed it and projected it on the bored, fold them I wasn’t talking until recess. I didn’t say a word. Then they finally got quiet!! It was only ten minutes and maybe it wasn’t mature for me to do, I’m not sure. But they had stuff to do and I sat at my computer. A few tried asking things and I wouldn’t answer lol. They ended up making me a card saying they’re sincerely sorry and they signed it. It really meant a lot and then I felt guilt for maybe making them feel bad bc they are good kids but a few really wanna test me bc they know it’s my first classroom of my own. It’s rough. I care about these kids a lot but I student taught with 16 kids and now see four different groups of 21 kids.

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