Would you be ok if your (future) children married Jews of other race? Would your parents be okay if you married a Jew of another race?

Oh, now I need to jump in

...somehow it never occurred to me that there were Hardal women. It seems like a male identity, because in my mind it's so tied up with army.

Army is something that affects both genders.

I thought we'd have to wait another generation for a clear, independent female Chardal identity (and now feel dumb for assuming that).

Not totally sure how you're defining chardal vis a vis religious zionist, btw. There's:

-looks like charedi, but zionist -looks like extremely machmir zionist (girls: stocking, two head coverings, etc) (doesn't look like standard RL, but no cultural charedi style - it's a more agricultural style usually, as this is common on agricultural yoshuvim) -looks like DL, and ranges on spectrum from serious Gush to Har Hamor with a variety of shades in between

Honestly, do you think you'd marry a yeshiva butcher who has no interest in serving in the army (and would have no interest in his sons serving in the army)? What about a knit kippah who doesn't believe in the cloistered Haredi world and wants to live somewhere almost decadent by Haredi standards, like Katamon (or wherever it is that people from Katamon move after they get married)?

I don't know katamon culturally. Assuming it's a touch modernish (bnei akiva vs Ariel?), then:

I'm married, and I found someone in my comfort range who was neither. When dating, I considered both, but ultimately am very happy to not have gone those directions. I have friends who would not consider it.

If you don't mind, what's your background? Are you velvet kippah heading knit, or knit kippah heading velvet? See, I don't even have a good vocabulary for the differences in women! Did you say you were a baalah teshuvah at one point? Did you go straight to Hardal? Why, if I may be so blunt, that rare combination of chumrah and ardent Zionism?

It's not that rare, and my family has been this way for generations. Since my branch of the family lives in America (sigh) we spent more time in charedi-leaning institutions because American MO is too left for our comfort. Once I moved to Israel, I dabbled in israeli charedi- there are things I love about it - but I just didn't feel comfortable leaving my family tradition for a world that refused to respect it.

(My family is FFB with prominent rabbis in an unbroken line for generations. The erasure of that history by some (not all) charedim I met was extremely upsetting.)

You've taken on an identity (as a Hardal woman)

I just want to be a good jew. Look, not always, sometimes I just want to roll over and go to sleep. Or watch duels cat videos. But in my good moments? I want to be a good jew. To me, Good Jews keep halacha without whining, love God and want to serve him well. They also love eretz Yisrael and they also try to be part of the tzibbur of klal Yisrael, which to me means taking part in Israel.

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