Would you rather live in the USA or the UK?

holly shit I've never read a thread with so much inferiority complex seeping through the comments.

Why do so many of you on this sub believe that anyone who criticises your country has a inferiority complex?

People listed their reasons as to why they would prefer to live in the UK over the US, just like people in this thread. Sure, some of them made ridiculous statements but that's just ignorance. I honestly don't see how you equate ignorance to inferiority complex. People in this thread made lots of ignorant statements, just like those people on askUK. You're not complaining about "MUH INFERIORITY COMPLEX" when people on this sub do the exact same thing the people on askUK did, lol.

It's also quite ironic that you yanks claim others have an inferiority complex when "American exceptionalism" is rampant in your society. Constantly feeling the need to tell yourselves how good America is or making your kids say the pledge of allegiance at school. I don't see any Brits waving their flags around, feeling the need to tell themselves how good they are, but I sure as hell see lots of Americans do that.

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