Would you recommend UT Austin to an out of state student?

I see a lot of one sided opinions as it is something you’d expect from a sub dedicated to UT. But I would like to give my opinion on the school and city of Austin. I hate the school and find the classes to be poor quality compared to the last school I was at. The city itself is very bland and uninteresting(outside of the hills that aren’t even in Austin but are in surrounds towns like lake way). There is a huge homeless problem that will likely never be fixed. The area around UT is very dirty and not easy on the eyes. There isn’t much to do in the city outside of generic things you’d find anywhere else like bars and convent venues. Austin doesn’t even have any zoos, aquariums, museums, Major sports teams, Public transportation ect that you’d find in other major cities which was pretty shocking to me. The weather sucks but it’s in Texas so what else do you expect. Traffic isn’t that bad which is a plus but the roads are poorly designed so you gotta deal with that. Prices are crazy high for what you get. The crime rate is higher for every category than the national average which makes sense because outside of UT you never see any cops. Texas in general is a sh*t state and Austin is the capital so take that as you will, 40k high income earners moved to Texas but 35k left the state of that tells anything of what people think of Texas. In general UT is not a good school and Austin is a overpriced and overgrown college town but that is just my opinion, others like it

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