Would you stop playing if they removed 3rd person entirely?

"Only one person server for Europe." For Europe. I have no problem connecting to EU servers on the games I play, try connecting to NA servers, because incase you didn't notice, majority of DayZ's playerbase is NA. So yeah, ~really~.

Hahaha, fuck you buddy. Way to stick a baseball bat up your ass. If you really can't see the glaring lack of logic in what you've just said, just go fuck yourself. I'll let it pass though because judging by the wall of text, it seems you're under the influence of something.

"I haven't played the mods." Then what do you know about anything DayZ and "Dean's vision?"

I've obsessively followed the mod starting a week after it came out. SA will be closer to Dean's vision than the mod was, by all accounts, including his own. Just because the mod came out first doesn't mean it's closer to Dean's vision.

Do you not own a mirror? It's pretty easy to angle mirrors once you get used to it. Sure, it doesn't give you the whole view that 3pp does all at once (unless it's one o'dem fancy pantsy curvy mirrors), but it's a lot more practical than "hurr durr idk how to squat or lean." That, and you could just, idk, turn the mirror.

Dude, once again, mirrors simply don't work like that. You can't just walk around with a huge mirror panel that provides such a huge field of view and not expect it to be seen. And even if you could, 3pp still allows for more than a mirror does. Why are you even bringing this up all the time? Do you really need a justification for 3pp that bad?

So basically, you want to shoot at each other first, and then get shot when he ~lies~ agrees to put his gun away.

No mister, I want a possibility of that. I want the possibility of turning my back and be shot for being careless. I want the ability to be distracted or to distract someone with talk while his squad moves up on me and does me in.

"So you got betrayed a few times and now you seem to prefer carebear DayZ." That's what I'd sound like if I used your bullshit argumentation methods.

a lot more practical than "hurr durr idk how to squat or lean.

Once again, we all know how janky 1pp DayZ is, but at the very least, there's no periscope vision. You think of 3pp as a way to get away from the jankiness, I see jankiness as a small price to pay so I don't have to play on periscope mode.

I've talked about this before: http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/2xkdpy/some_info_and_some_hype_about_055_regarding_the/cp10wkc

Have you never been in a survival situation? It's not as crazy super adrenaline as you believe it is until you're actually in immediate physical danger. Which isn't all the time. It's only a fraction of the time. Go have someone drop you off in the middle of the woods with nothing but your clothes, then come back and tell all of the DayZ subreddit thread "Would you whatever" how every moment was brutal and horrifying and kept you in a constant adrenaline rush. Dont forget the part where you sweat from picking some berries, or shit your pants from a pine cone falling from a tree. Survival isn't nonstop encounters or limited to surviving a fight. It's mostly what you do before and after that.

That's why we call it a survival game. It's not supposed to simulate every single waking moment of a survival situation, but to distill the core of the experience and put an accent on the more thrilling parts.

Look mister angry guy, you can't just keep ignoring the things I've written all the way back in the original post and then pretend you're telling me something I don't already know.

Yes, DayZ is a game, not the real world. Said that at least twice and explained why certain gamification is necessary and why 3pp is too much gamification. It is precisely because DayZ is a game with some inherent limitations that we should embrace everything we can to increase immersion. No matter what you say, you can't convince me periscope vision increasing immersion.

What you think is the main part of survival are gunfights, and it's really not.

In DayZ, it is. Huge part of what makes DayZ good is the ARMA core of it. Without that gunplay, it's just... H1Z1.

"Dean's vision" What in the world do you know about Dean's vision for the game he's no longer a part of and claimed was flawed from the beginning after leaving? What do you know about Dean period? You didn't play the mods, you played Breaking point on Arma 3, which Dean had no hand in aside from what you playing being inspired by the DayZ mod. Dean's vision this, dean's vision that, you dont even play the first game he made, and you claim to understand exactly what he wanted with the game he peaced out on?

I know what he wanted to turn DayZ into because he spoke at length about it a few million times. SA was originally supposed to be a more polished, enhanced sort of DayZ+. What we see SA growing into is DayZ++. It's not something "inspired by DayZ", it is what Dean wanted DayZ to be, but by all accounts, slightly less. You can wave mod seniority around and claim that it was a radically different experience because you could only enter a few buildings and because people occasionally flew choppers around, but fact remains, it's still fucking DayZ. The only major difference is that people used to move around more in the mod because there were only so many places to loot in comparison to SA where you could spend an eternity looting a single town. That and zombies, but mod-like zombies (even better, really) are a planned addition to SA so that point is moot. Same goes for persistence, loot respawning and other things which SA will eventually feature.

Dean peaced out because:

  • There was nothing really left for him to do that he couldn't do via Skype.
  • His contract was up and he was missing home.

There's reason to believe DayZ didn't crack up to be all he thought it can be and if you read between the lines, it's clear he wasn't completely satisfied with Bohemia though not exactly clear why. However, that doesn't change the fact that it was pretty clear what he wanted DayZ to be and in which direction DayZ should move to be closer to that vision. He wanted the game to fuck you in the ass basically and judging by what he says he's working on now, his next game will be exactly that.

Do you know what Dean's job actually was/is? At all? He's the Peter Molyneux of survival sims. If you dont know who THAT is...well, I'll just forget that I bothered to actually respond to you and pretend no words came from either of us.

Now you sound like a 12 year old. Even if I didn't spend a good chunk of my childhood playing his games, that wouldn't magically invalidate every argument I made. You're free to ignore them though. In fact go ahead, feel free to conclude I don't know who Peter is, I'd rather you think that than argue under kindergarten rules.

Peter was more than this troll has-been that the internet makes him out to be. You don't have to slave away at code to be a visionary, you can get other people to do that for you. You think a game like Black & White can just happen without someone guiding the process? The lure of the game was creature AI and how it gels into the game is why people still play the game today. You got Peter's vision to thank for that, even if he didn't type a single line of code. You think DayZ would turn out better if we had Carmack instead of Dean Hall as project lead? Give me a fucking break.

Sounds like a regional problem, not a game design issue. Yell at your queen about having shitty internet or yell at your fellow EU gamers for not being better consumers to warrant game devs to pay better attention to Europe.

Jesus christ, this again. You have some issues and you're wrong. Go ahead and take a look:


You'll see there's more servers in Europe and surrounding regions than in the USA and Canada combined.

Quality of internet connection has nothing to do with anything, but since you mention it:


Fucking Romania and Bulgaria are ahead of you. You seem terribly proud over nothing at all, Yank.

The "regional problem" stems from the lack of 1pp servers, not the size of the playerbase, but it doesn't seem you even follow what I'm talking about.

Your non-argument of Bohemia not paying attention to Europe is not only false, but completely absurd. How is Bohemia paying more attention to US? What could they even do to pay more attention to US? What the fuck does that mean?

Sounds like EU has it rough, but again, that's a regional issue, not a game issue.

Seeing as you're a bit oblivious, now I doubt US doesn't have this issue as well. How many full public 1pp servers do you have in the evening? How many popular 1pp hives do you have? How many players are on there?

And as for Breaking Point:


What I'm seeing now is zero US 1pp servers, only a single one in Canada with 4 players on. One 1pp server in Europe, 23 players on.

Your Epoch server stories are fine and well, but when was that? During the mod days, without SA, ARMA 3 and H1Z1 to further fraction the playerbase? Of course one player can theoretically play all of these games, but he can't play them all at once.

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