[WP] You decide to hire a hitman on yourself.

My son, I know you are not what they say you are. I find it shocking that anyone who has ever met you could even think for a moment that you could be a murderer. She was a pretty girl your Caroline. Always very polite and well mannered she even had the time to speak to an old hag like me. Such a nice girl, it was just a pity her family wasn't the same given their shady background with the local mafia. I believe you when you say you tried your best to save her when the ground gave way beneath her feet. The Vellaini's are not quite as understanding however. I talked to them on your behalf the other night. Given their background I wasn't even entirely sure whether I was safe going to them. They claimed the next morning there was nowhere new the next morning where the cliff had given way and that passers by had heard you argueing not long before you took that tragic walk along the cliffs. As you'd expect Ceris had taken things very badly. After shouting abuse for the best part of an hour I left and as I did she took my arm and whispered. "An eye for an eye ... remember that when the time comes" I looked into her eyes and I believed her. Someone would come after you. I thought for ages of ways we could escape I realised the only way without a bloodbath was if either the Vellaini's were locked up or if you were put into witness protection. I decided to do both. When you get back and read this message I will have been killed by an old aquaintance I have recently been in touch with near the Vellaini side of town. By my body will be a number of DNA samples from the Vellaini family. If my death brings you your salvation my boy, I go happily. I know you will be sad but you have your whole life ahead of you. Me, I've had a good life and given a choice I would much prefer to go out in one last blaze of glory for my family rather than slowly getting more decrepid as my bones grow weak and my head goes soft. I love you son.

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