[WP] You pick up something innocuous. When you put it down, it reappears in your hand and a voice in your head booms, "QUEST ITEMS CANNOT BE DROPPED". Years later, you are on your deathbed and still have the item.

"Kevin?" Her voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Woops, I didn't mean to ramble on again. Did we run out of paper?" I managed a weak smile as I asked this. I knew the answer of course, I'm pretty bad when it comes to tangents. Though I also wondered if she was just saying that to keep me from thinking about the cancer again. Sarah-my nurse friend- had listened to all my stories at least a dozen times since I checked into this Canadian hospital. She knew I still had a hard time accepting it, even though I knew it was coming way back when I started my quest way back when.

She smiled back, I was hoping she would. I know that sounds trivial but she was the only friend I could see on a regular basis, and her smile always seemed genuine. I could barely move and that old tube TV in the corner only got sports channels. I wasn't really into sports before, but do you know how depressing it is to see that stuff and know you can never do that again? I swore if I could pull through this, the first thing I'd do is go outside and learn how to do a slam dunk. But having her check in, seeing her smile or hearing her hum that lovely tune of hers, that was always something I looked forward to.

"We did, I could go find some more"

"Eh, that's enough for now. I appreciate you writing this down for me." I was tired, and I'm sure she was too. Looking at the clock it was late, and she finished her shift an hour ago. I just now realized that she probably just came by to say good night before leaving. Around that time I started writing down everything that happened back when I started this quest, hoping someone might find it interesting. But I could barely hold my pen straight, and being the caring person she is offered her help.

"I'm happy too, it's just too bad we didn't get past Egypt. I was looking forward to the part where you wrestled that gator in Australia" She always spoke with enthusiasm in her voice, even though she heard that story several times. Sarah had also traveled a bit before becoming a nurse, and still wanted to go out and see places again when she could. Next month, she was finally going to take some time off and go on a trip.

"Well, next month it'll be your turn to go Gator wrestling, right?"

She let out a giggle, jokingly flexed her arm and said: "I was thinking I might just go to Africa and wrestle a tiger instead."

I smiled of course, and then she went on "But, I really do think I would like to go Africa. I'd like to meet Solomon."

"You know, he was one of the few people who believed in my quest before I showed him the ring. Pretty sure he just didn't really give a fuck and wanted the extra help. I miss that guy."

She smiled again, but this time it was different. I could tell she was a bit sad that I wouldn't get to see any of my old friends anymore, and I felt bad for bringing that up. My condition has grown so bad over the past year that I wasn't sure if I'd be around to hear her stories when she returned.

We sat there in silence for a while, I turned to look at a certain little box sitting on the windowsill. Finally, I worked up guts to say something: "Say...ever since I got here, that ring has stopped glowing. It was leading me to Niagra Falls when I finally collapsed." It's true, ever since waking up in this room I hadn't heard a single line about quest items.

"I know you never saw it for yourself, but it really was impossible for me to put down the thing. I hated it, I just wanted to get rid of it. But now, I guess I'm glad I picked up that "quest item"."

Sarah was also looking at that special little box. She never once doubted me, even though she probably should have since I looked like a crazy hobo when we first met. Somehow, she just seemed to understand.

I finally worked up the guts to say it: "How about you take it with you?" She seemed a bit nervous as I asked that.

"You might see a bit of it's cool, questionably useful magic." I added, hoping a joke would lighten the tension

Her face turned red and I could tell she was holding back tears. Finally she managed to reply with "That ring means a lot to you."

"It did, but I'd rather it go to someone who means a lot to me." You know, at the time I thought that sounded smooth, but looking back that was way too forward and a little cringey. Or so I thought before hugged me and humbly accepted. Damn I'm good.

Finally, we said our goodbyes and she went on her way. I was exhausted as usual and finally going to get some sleep. For the first time in god knows how long, I felt content. Maybe I didn't finish this quest, or maybe I really was just insane this whole time. But I saw it through to the end. I closed my eyes. Now, I could finally rest.


"What the fu-" Here I was ready to catch some Zs when I get Morgan Freeman yelling in my head for old time's sakes. But what's worse is that I felt an immense pressure on my stomach. I could barely breathe. I manage to force my eyes open to see...a large wooden chest. On my stomach. With what sounds like a chorus emanating from within. I forced myself upright, with every ounce of strength I didn't know I still had, and opened the chest. I pulled out a jar of some kind of glowing orange liquid. On the jar is a labeled :"QUEST REWARD-MIRACLE ELIXER. CURES ANY STATUS AILMENT AND RESTORES HEALTH"

Wait a minute, cures any ailment? Restores health? What about the quest? While I was making sense of all this, Sarah opened the door, probably hearing the commotion. Taking in this view, she looked like a deer in the headlights. Me? I look the same, staring at that ring on her finger.

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