[WP] A society where the survivalists are the normal ones and those who are not as ready are considered strange. Today, an event neither of them had planned for strikes their land.

They had their groups.

The survivalists that is, each one believed a different doomsday scenario and followed a different survival strategy. It was mainly because no one knew what exactly was going to happen on the fabled day, the time and date of the apocalypse that was hardwired into every person since birth. They just knew trouble was arriving in the ten years and that set our civilization into an intense paranoia

For example, there were the Hamilton family across us, who believed that our world will be purged through nuclear war. They already built a twelve foot deep underground bunker complete with concrete walls, large supplies of canned nourishment, and a long term generator. Next to them were Dolan and Cathy Smithers, extreme germophobes who prepare themselves for the possibility of a plague outbreak. Rarely does anyone see them without their masks, gloves, and antibacterial soap. Don't even let me speak of the Chippendales, those bastards are keen on the whole rapture in fiery flames thing and won't let you pass them without getting an earful of their dogma rantings.

On a lighter note were our closest neighbors, Weston and Ofelia Jameson, and their darlings, Lunabelle and Zenrock. They believed that our mortal world would eventual transcend into some peaceful hippy plane of existence. Nicest folks around, although it is best to avoid their meditation circles as clothing is optional. The other semi-decent neighbor was Marion Kent, no one really knows about her as she locks herself away in her house. The only times we do see her is when she walks out back on full moons to draw crop circles out back in the gravel. Best not to disturb her.

I am what people refer to as a denier, a person who refuses to accept the existence of the up coming Armageddon. Ironically, I'm considered most weird of all, even compared to the Chippendales or Jamesons. I guess I just fail to see the evidence. I mean nothing in all of our scientific studies has yet to show an upcoming catastrophe, nor in any economical standpoint or social structure that might suggest depression of global war. So far our Earth is stable and even with the dread pounding at my cerebrum, I just can't get into the enthusiasm. To keep from drawing too much attention to myself, I gather up a few unnecessary nicknacks like a lifejacket and survival kit. I serious doubt I use them but anything's better than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Now the days are cutting short to the death date and people are going fanatic. The Smithers are in full out biohazard gear, the Hamiltons refuse to stray from their bunkers, Marion undressed herself and is now standing on top of her house, preparing to jump into a "time vortex" when the "aliens" arrives, the Jamesons committed mass suicide to the distress of everyone, and the Chippendales are holding a continuous cult meeting, burning every worldly possession they own in preparation for rapture.

I done squat other than pull up a lawn chair and drink a beer. I was so ready for nothing to happen, for everyone in the world to be proven wrong. I guess I was naive as them, so caught up in my own personal judgment and bias I refuse to see the signs.

The apocalypse did happen, just in the most boring underwhelming way possibly. I mean I would prefer a fiery inferno over what our creator conjured up on last minute notice. I mean really? A massive writer's block crashing into Earth? How stupid, how lame, especially after the long buildup. No one excepted this, mainly because nearly everyone could have thought of something better.

Worst Armageddon ever.

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