[WP] A teenager comes home from school to realize that the backpack he brought home with him is most definitely NOT his. Upon sorting through the contents of the backpack, he finds three objects: something terrifying, something awesome, and something he didn't even know existed...


Time to go home.

Okay let me get my books and put them in my bag, zip it up, okay that's good. Bell still not rung; it's always two minutes late. Well I'll just leave a tad early I guess, nobody will notice.

That was easy.

Okay now find the nearest exit, these doors are always hard to open it's so frustrating, the weight of the door is just so unnecessary; oh well. Okay there my car, wouldn't it be weird if it disappeared? Wait why would it disappear?

that's dumb.

Okay that drive was way shorter than I remember it being, wait I thought yesterday I said that too, maybe. Okay food is first, umm; never mind, too much work. Time to sit on the couch. Okay I guess I'll just study a bit then I can watch my show. Okay let's get my bag off the floo-

What the hell.

This isn't my bag, I swear I had my bag, must've taken someone else's because I was in a rush, damn it. Umm okay I guess that means I have to figure out who this belongs too. Okay I have to unzip it, wait, I shouldn't go through somebody's bag. Okay unzip it anyway. Well I'm guessing this is someone from my class. Okay looks like there's some books, and umm-, oh my god, what In the-, there's a doll in here. It looks so old, I should take it out. Why does it feel wet, ew, this is disgusting. Okay what is this red stuff all over it, it kinda looks like;

It's blood.

Oh my, what do I do, that's definitely blood, um um um, this is terrifying. This can't be blood, but what else could it possible be though. It's thick and dark red, feels like blood. It has to be blood. I need to throw this out and tell somebody, that's creepy. I need to find out who's this is, because this is scary. Let's check what else is in here. No way, is that a Reese's Pieces? Sweet, I love those, but I don't trust it.

I guess I'll leave it.

Okay maybe there's a phone in here or something, I need to know who's bag this is. Wait what's that?! It looks so strange, that must be something creepy. Oh here we go, let's see what it is. Huh? What is this? Oh there's writing on the side, I've never heard of this before, it's called;

A narrator.


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