[WP] there is a Super Hero Developmental League where the superheroes of tomorrow hone their skills against second-tier villains. Tell us about a day in the life of a not-so-super hero in the SHDL.

It was his third day at the SHDL; a portly young man who went by ‘The Boy Penguin’ slowly rolled out of bed and let out a long, exasperated yawn as he stretched his arms out to his sides. He took a frigid shower before he attempted to squeeze into his tight black spandex bodysuit. After ten minutes of struggling to pull the spandex over his belly he was finally set to begin his day. He put on his puffy white vest and his plastic beak and headed out the door.

The Boy Penguin left his depressing one man dorm room and waddled down towards the cafeteria. He wandered up to a pair of giant glass doors and paused as he stared into the other room. There were superheroes in training of all types: String-man, Bubble Girl, Simon the Shrew, just to name a few, each sitting with their own cliques. The Boy Penguin shoved his chubby body through the doors and waddled towards the service bar making sure to avoid eye contact with anyone he passed by.

Unfortunately for The Boy Penguin walked right into Panda Kid, a giant of a man from Samoa who painted his face like a panda and wore furry ears, as he was carrying his tray to his seat. The tray went flying in the air and landed on Panda Kid, spaghetti and Caesar salad splattering across the floor and left a thick layer of red sauce and oily dressing coated his head and began smearing some of the face-paint. The Boy Penguin paused for a moment, froze stiff in his tracks, as Panda Kid turned around menacingly and stared down at him.

“What your problem?” Panda Kid asked with a very thick, broken accent.

“Uhhh…” he nervously stuttered as he stared up at the giant, “I… I didn’t… sor-… I should have…”

“What? What you say? You want fight?” Panda Kid harped as he grew more and more angry.

The Boy Penguin’s head shot up quickly and stared at the man, a look of fear and anguish spewed from his eyes as he shouted, “No! No. No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, I do not.”

“Too bad. We fight outside by statue.” Panda shouted as he grabbed The Boy Penguin by the scruff of his vest and carried him outside with one hand.

Panda Kid kicked open the double doors as he stormed outside into the courtyard with The Boy Penguin in tow. He approached the shallow, poorly cleaned fountain and dropped The Boy Penguin on top of a collection of lilypads, his chubby body falling belly first into the four inches of water as he kicked around attempting to keep his head afloat while letting out a high pitched squealing noise. He slowly worked his way back up to his feet, his body drenched in a layer of grimy water and sludge, and started to make his way out of the fountain.

A crowd of people began to form around as Panda Kid and his friends continued to laugh and mock at their chubby adversary. The Boy Penguin stepped up onto the fountain ledge before cautiously placing his foot against the ground, his hands gripping the foot high ledge firmly as he shifted his weight. Panda Kid noticed that he was climbing out of the fountain and went back to continue humiliating his opponent.

The Boy Penguin placed his left foot against the ground and carefully stood back up being extra careful to not slip. As he lifted his head back up from his feet Panda Kid stood tower over him once more, his gigantic stature dwarfing the crudely made penguin costume and its meek inhabitant. Panda Kid menacingly chuckled as he picked The Boy Penguin up with both his hands and showcased him to the crowd.

He circled around with his trophy tightly gripped around the shoulders as it kicked and squealed. Due to the slimy water drenched around The Boy Penguin however, his grip started to slowly loosen the more our hero kicked and squirmed. As the gigantic panda man turned his back to the fountain, The Boy Penguin swung his lower body and managed to throw all of his weight into the Panda Kid’s stomach. The Panda Kid went flying backwards into the fountain as The Boy Penguin painfully fell on to his belly to the side of the fountain.

The crowd began to scream and shout as the Panda Kid’s friends ran up to him and helped him out of the fountain. While this was occurring, our hero was preparing himself for a great escape; he propped his legs firmly against the concrete fountains base, his belly still firmly against the ground as he angled himself downhill. As he kicked off, a roar from the crowd echoed around the courtyard as Panda Kid stood up to his feet and attempted to chase after him.

Within seconds The Boy Penguin had slid out of sight and continued rapidly traveling to the bottom of campus. As he was darting down the hill he couldn’t help but smile to himself as a thought occurred to him, “I just defeated my first villain.” All in the days work for a penguin.

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