[WP] "Will work for H2O"

"I'm really thirsty teach!" I said to Mrs. Hannigan, "How do you expect me to do my work if I'm dehydrated. I feel like I'm dying, I can't focus, the walls; they're closing in on me!' I fell out of my chair clutching my stomach and moaning on the ground. My classmates erupted into laughter and catcalls.

"You are not dying Charlie! Now get back in your seat and get back to work!" Mrs. Hannigan yelled furiously. I sat up quickly but didn't get back in my chair. I stared Mrs. Hannigan straight in the eyes. She stared back, her cold, angry eyes piercing through my skull. A challenge.

"I will not work," I told my teacher; my tone unwavering," until you let me get a drink of water from the water fountain." She didn't answer me but just kept on glaring into my eyes. Neither one of us had blinked or looked away for a full minute. It was war. I held for a full thirty seconds. Then my eyes started to water. it was becoming harder and harder to not blink. She stood still like a statue. She wasn't even struggling! How could she keep her eyes open for that long? My eyes were really watering now. Everything was bleary and all I could see was the blurry outline of my Mrs. Hannigan's ugly face. Tears were streaming down my face. I knew then, that I had lost the battle. I blinked and accepted my defeat hanging my head in shame. I quickly got back into my seat and put my head down, completely miserable. I had lost my pride, my ego, my confidence. I can't believe I just lost a staring contest with my teacher. SLAM!

I jump and and bring my head up quickly, bumping it on my teacher's wrinkly arm. Mrs. Hannigan is holding out a yellow a slip of paper.

"Take this down to the principle, Charlie, I'm giving you a referral." squawks Mrs. Hannigan, " You act out a lot in this class and usually I let it slide but this is just unprecedented behavior that I will not accept in my classroom." I angrily rip the paper out of her hands and stomp out the door and slam it as hard as I can. Fuck that bitch! But then something across the hall catches my eye and a happy thought crosses my mind. I go back up to the classroom and stick my head in the door.

"Charlie! GO TO THE-"

"Fuck you Mrs. Hannigan, cuz guess what! Now I can get me a drink of water. Haha tricked you! How are you even a teacher." Then I ran away before she could call security on me. Once I was sure I was safe I got a drink of water, flushed my referral down the toilet, and skipped school for the rest of the day. I love Highschool.

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