Xanax: Explanation of why some people get high and some feel only bored.

Xanax is like a godsend to me, I’m only 20 but since I was like 15 I have suffered from pretty bad social anxiety you get use to living with it but you realise how much better life can be when you take a Xanax, zero butter flys in my stomach I can talk to new people without looking side to side and wanting to jump into a hole, but everything has a downside, with me I have zero self control so when I take Xanax I begin to think I’m unstoppable and drink huge amounts of alcohol and think I’m a hard cunt. Don’t know if anyone else gets like this I ended up flushing them down the toilet after my last binge and getting used the fact i have to live my life like an awkward cunt not fitting in anywhere.

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