Xbox One has become what it set out to be - Kudos Microsoft

PSN and Vita were both such a disaster for me, that I will never trust in Sony to do right by their platforms.

All I ever see is hype for PS4, and no substance at all to back it up. It's unquestionably successful, but it's mostly status quo & PR fluff with no substantial exclusive games to make the system viable.

With Xbox. I bought it for Sunset Overdrive, Forza games, the Kinect I'll get around to buying some day, Music integration across Windows, EA Access. I never bought a PS4 yet and I doubt I ever will.

I honestly want to know what the PS4 has to offer that I can't get on PC or X1, though. All I see is a legion of fanboys who make it rain misery and scoff at any Xbox discussion, and some of them have the audacity to call the PC gaming scene toxic.

These are like the same types of people that hate Xbox just because it's not successful in Japan, despite not being from Japan themselves. They stick to Playstation like flies on shit because of Sony's legacy rather than it's current games and functionality.

I was a Playstation fan myself, until I had to pay top dollar for Vita memory cards, couldn't download the games I bought from the PSN which was totally functional on the platform, but just fragmented and in need of MediaGO or PS3 transfering. Couldn't even play PSOne games on this PSP successor until a year later.

I mean, really. Sony killed import shop businesses, installed PC malware onto their music CDs, force you to use MediaGO on PC to handle store downloads, and they had dumber than a bag of hammers security practices to keep our credit card information on unencrypted servers shared to 3rd parties. The Sixaxis fiasco, controllers with poor built in batteries you can't replace, and floaty bald joysticks that have dead zones. Gran Turismo 5 and 6 are ridiculous at hogging install & download time. I don't even want to think about how they're killing multi-player for MLB The Show on everything right now.

"Greatness Awaits" ... What greatness? Steam Machines? Windows 10 Xbox integration? What am I missing out on?

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