[WP] You're a serial killer leaving a merry trail of clues to your identity and next victims. No one finds them.

It's been three years...Twenty years since my last work of art. Nobody appreciated by talent in life, so I showed them my talent through their deaths. This endeavor was my greatest masterpiece, and the world was to know the true depths of my genius. With one clever clue after another, it was the culminate in a glorious exchange of gunfire and violence, with my death being the final touch. All would realize my brilliance...if they had just played along according to MY PLANS.

I've left them clues, and they were deliberate. Each carefully arranged and constructed to represent a different stage in my artwork. The first piece, covered in blood and strangled to death in an abandoned hospital. The second piece, ended by asphyxiation dressed in a ragged halloween costume. And with each piece, a reinforcement of the theme behind my artwork, and with each finding, the police would have followed my trail, in the order and manner I saw fit. It was to be glorious!

Yet here I am, three years from when I stood over that hag, who's constant struggle nearly RUINED my masterpiece. But her resistance didn't matter, since the police has yet to find even the FIRST body. I never realized how UTTERLY INCOMPETENT these cops are, and after three years, I can feel the beautiful reveal of my genius fade away.

There is no massive panic, no fervent investigation, not even a SINGLE MENTION of any of the murders. It's as if even the families of these people don't notice! HOW IS THE WORLD SUPPOSED TO KNOW OF MY GREATNESS?!

Now here I sit on this stupid computer, having to WRITE about my masterpiece. I've been RUINED by the incompetence of the police, and now the greatness is further diluted by me having to EXPLAIN IT on this STUPID WEBSITE. Whatever. Hopefully with this OBVIOUS CLUE, someone will catch on and finally begin the finishing touches of my glorious work. If nobody does...well then life is just so cruel to me.

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