Yes, The Planned Parenthood Shooter Is A ‘Christian Terrorist’

But what am I going to do? I'm going to keep dressing like the back country hick I am, and I'm going to keep using my second amendment right. Just because other people have committed horrible acts with guns, doesn't mean I will. If your world view causes you to feel fear based on what I'm wearing... I don't care. That's not really on me. Dressing down isn't a crime.

then expect that people will not trust you to carry a gun in public.

This need to adhere to a dress code to own a gun confuses me as well. What is the point of that? To me, and this is speculation as I can't find the logic in it, its seems your attaching to much value to physically appearance. Why should my government judge, and strip my rights, because I decided to buy cheap pants? I'm sorry I don't care about the vast majority of my cloth's. I have a nice suit, a nice button up shirt and business casual pants, and then I have a collection of the cheapest stuff I can find. Why does this make me unfit to own a gun in your eyes? I just can't figure this one out

no one said buy anything expensive, and no one said you cant own it, however if you want to carry it with you, its common sense, dress like an upstanding citizen, dont look like a raddy old fart that might have just been in the bar around the corner or people are going to be uncomfortable around you - its called eye of the beholder and it absolutely matters.

What part needs to be played here? I'm a person, who has a passion that involves guns. I own guns, and have a decent collection. I enjoy hunting. Is this a good enough part?

The part where you present yourself as a trained, responsible citizen, who is 100% aware and conscious of the fact they have a gun, and that it might make others uneasy.

And I wasn't saying you should resist the police. Your first post clearly states that even if your rights are being infringed on, you said that gun owners HAVE to comply with the police regardless. This I was questioning. Why? Just because I have a CC, that doesn't change I'm a citizen of the United States, and my rights should be respected

and thats great, but you need to take it up in a court after the fact, you dont get to resist the officer and not comply because, my rights - it seems to be the common opinion that you shouldnt have to listen anyway - and you should or face consequences if you dont. Now obviously that officers opinon on carrying needs to be adjusted, but its far better for you to take a momentary lapse in rights, than to get in an argument with a cop over a deadly weapon.

And finally, I would argue that many people care about what rights where given in the Bill of Rights. It is not my job to earn every strangers trust. If I'm just walking down the street, and someone else decides that I look "untrustworthy" why should I care?

I would certainly argue that to some degree you do need to earn that trust, and thats where everything ive already stated about appearance and conduct comes into play.

my brother is private security, ive seen him dress both way, and dressing well has never gotten him attention - dressing like shit has - so has appearing in a bad mood - disgruntled or otherwise liable to kill a mofo.

You are forcing everyone around you to be comfortable with you being able to kill them at a whim - they dont know you - they dont know if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or what. they know NOTHING about you, and you have a machine of death - you ought to have enough empathy to understand why that makes people uneasy and do everything you can to help alleviate those concerns.

people in dress down shirts and slacks arent often the guys shooting up places, and its been happening a lot lately, which is something else you need to consider.

this comes back to eye of the beholder. If you say something to someone and its taken as harassment, its harassment, that holds up in court under eye of the beholder, if you carry a gun in public and scare the shit out of them, then what? You are the one choosing to bring an object into the public sphere that makes people uncomfortable, thats is 100% on you for choosing to do that knowing people are not comfortable with it - they cant tell you to keep it in your car - your the only one who can do that and not ever have that situation arise. that falls on you as the one carrying the gun.

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