Do you think you'll ever be rich?

He does have a small portion of his check go to a savings. Problem is, even though it's a credit union and they have crappy hours, he does manage to get there and use that money every few months.

We've been arguing about this for years. And a lot of it is my own fault because I turned a blind eye and let him 'handle' things for years because it was just easier than worrying about it (even though I was worried about it anyway--I'm pretty good at escapism and living in denial though). So for years he did all the finance stuff, took over my old bank account, had my atm card (I never had it, hardly ever, had to ask him if I needed to use it) and I used to have to ask him for any money I needed. When I started working at a bank and opened a new account and took over some of the bills we started arguing even more about money. Because now he has to ask me how much I have, and ask me for money, when before he could just take it all.

I asked him for years to sit down with me and go over things. But every time we were going to something always came up. And now he says 'You don't want to know, you wouldn't be able to handle it with your anxiety'. Wtf does that mean? One of these days I'm going to not handle myself right out the fucking door.

And, the thing is, I don't think he's a bad guy. I think he wants to be the one to take care of me and not let me worry about stuff, to take that burden himself. Which, while admirable, is also some 1950's fucking bullshit right there. I mean, it's my life, and I feel like I have a right to be involved. And his one huge flaw is that he just lacks willpower. Someone invites him somewhere? Can't say no, that would be rude, better go to that party and get them a present even if I can't afford it. Hungry? No, but I'll eat anyway because there's chocolate involved. Oh look, cookie dough, better eat that too. What's that you say? I have $20? Better spend that shit, it's just taking up space in my wallet.

Anyway, you're lucky that you and your girl are on the same page with money at least.

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