Young Voters Not Excited About Joe Biden

As fucked up as it sounds, Trump does deserve electoral college to score victory and ebanuity biden ubludok!!! will be an absolute numerical voters morons tabulation "because they know him well" victorious and yet loser to forecast that utter I`ABHO projection in results because Shitland Inc Constitution has been obsolete while "good luck "to remediate plantation legacies glaring shit excesses in NA parameters factors unresolved to go on aberrations of such deeply flawed democracy architecture expressions here.

PS I am merely an observer. Don't need to "endorse" anyone in this duopoly scam, political system architecture. Having said that, Trump had served his purpose before shove Biden to get trade agreement done on British unilateral terms with the UK to be by shitland inc acquiescent. Biden will know to whom owes his assignment unlike Trump feigning oblivious fools conduct.

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