Your date is a 10, but it has 1 thing you don't like that is enough to make you lose interest/walk away. What would that thing be?

What does this have to do with being around a bunch of high people while you’re sober? I never recommended that. But being around other high people when I’m high is fun. And you don’t get decide it’s not fun for me just because you think you’re too good for it. Why can’t you say that weed isn’t for you without shitting on people that enjoy it responsibly?

“I know because I used to be one”

Anecdotal evidence trumps all, I suppose (/s). You smoked weed so now you’re an authority on why I do. You don’t at all see that that’s a ridiculous thing to say?

I won’t have just as much fun riding my bike not being high, obviously. Why do you think I do it? Being high is an altered state of consciousness. It opens creative channels, makes music sound better, makes food taste better. And there’s not much evidence supporting your statements that smoking weed is physically unhealthy, especially none to set it apart from much more significant risk factors like simply living a sedentary lifestyle. If you eat right and exercise regularly, weed is not going to have virtually any effect on your health.

If you don’t like it, don’t do it, but stop spitting on everyone else online that enjoys it. You’re not better than them, you’re different than them. Be kind to people, man.

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