Your employer shouldn't make you feel bad for choosing to work remotely

Same. Funny side story: I was an EA to senior management at my former company in NYC. When we temporarily returned to the office in Sept. 2021, I had to go back to my same, crappy, M-F commute of 1 1/2 - 2 hours each way from NJ. That’s 1 bus, & 1 long walk to a train, for anyone doing the math! My boss lived 15 min away on Park Avenue (obviously). He took a NYC cab back and forth. One Friday at 6:00 pm, it was raining QUITE heavily. In NYC, that means massive delays and NO cabs. I popped my head in my boss’s office at 6pm and said I was heading home and just reminded him it was raining. “Oh? I didn’t bring an umbrella?” he says. “Maybe you can get me a black car service?” he enquires. Me, “Uh…..(knowing that I would have to wait on hold for 45 min JUST to order that car, all while the 6 train is downstairs from our office building and he could hop on and get home faster than ME!)….”I really have to leave now, unfortunately.” I tell him that MY commute will be massively delayed if I don’t head home right then. He looks at me annoyed, like I’m the selfish one. He also never seemed (nor cared) to remember how long my commute was. I remind him that there’s a 6 train RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS from our building & and he could be home in 15 minutes. Then he says, “Oh…but I don’t want to get COVID” he says. Me, fuming inside realizing once again that not only does he not know where I live, he could he two shits if I got COVID. It spoke volumes. JERK.

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