Your Ex is on Reddit, and you know will read this, what do you want to say to them?

I got two.

1- I hope one day you wake up and realize just how much you're a terrible person. Maybe it's cliche (or subjective) to call you delusional, but you are. I never had the courage to say it to your face, or on the phone years after we split. But let's be real here, I only called you because you threatened to put "the truth about me" into your autobiography you were writing. I saved my ass, and took the blame for our split even then. But I should have said fuck it and told you the truth. Because you're going to go your whole life thinking you're a victim to your family and friends and self when in reality it was your disgusting attitude that put you where you are. I now understand why you live in the past, in your childhood memories, because you're trying to get back to when you didn't fuck everything up. But the worst part, everyone believes you're a saint. Except me. Because I was the only long term gf you've had, who's seen you behind closed doors. And you're a goddamn monster. I don't give a fuck if no one else sees the real you, so long as you suffer the truth yourself.

2- The good times weren't a lie. And I'll be honest, I'm terrible with breakups, you should know - you helped me through asshole #1. And I truly loved you. This was 4 years ago now and I still think about you from time to time. But we were going nowhere. You were never going to leave your dad's dead end business. Never going to buy a reliable car, but instead sink your money into tuners and that moldy house you bought. And you knew it. And it ate you up. But I had so many plans for my life. We were young, too young to be sitting still in a spinning world. I was going to die if I stayed in that state. So much terrible shit has happened to me and as much as I loved you, you couldn't erase it. I'm sorry I told you I had to go but had trouble letting you go. I strung you along when I should have made a clean snap. And your anger, the only time I ever saw it, was justified. But I ran across your facebook the other day, two days ago actually. And you're still where I left you. I wasn't wrong for moving on. I just hope you're happy. Truly happy.

By the way, #2. Each of the family members of mine you called to lie about me during our break up, they called me after. You told them you were carrying a ring in your pocket for months before the split, planning to propose to me. I don't believe you. I just want you to know that I know that was a lie. And a low blow at that. But I guess it makes us even.

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