In your relationships, do things ever get blah after a few years together?

I started to feel like that in my last relationship. He also just proceeded to get progressively shittier as did I to some degree but I just chalk it up to immaturity. The more he pulled away the more I would like oh yeah? You want to distance yourself? Well watch this shitty thing I can do to make you pull away more.

My current relationship is kind of the opposite and kind of not. I find myself incredibly attached but it leads me ending up feeling hurt. A lot. The longer we're together the more he just never seems to want to do things with me and I end up doing a lot of things by myself. Sometimes it feels like he'd rather just play video games which I get but when I ask him why he always turns it around on me to make me feel like the problem saying how it's hard to come up for things to do with me, it's difficult, I'm difficult for this reason or that reason instead of giving reasons why he chooses not to try more. He never wants to talk or have actual conversations or get to know anything about me because according to him we've been together so long he already knows everything there is to know. I guess I just don't get a lot of companionship and feeling comfortable in relationships as a lot of other people do. It's boring. I don't care if it's safe if it's that fucking boring. I want to feel special. I want someone to come home from work and the first thing they do is grab me and throw me up against a wall and fuck the hell out of me because that's all they thought about all day. Not suggest that I'm crazy for feeling like he doesn't want me because we just had sex yesterday. I'm not perfect and this is all very one side. It was nice to vent a little though. If my expectations are too high it's because I'm giving him attention and compliments and at least some kind passion in return, but he'd rather just play games or lie in bed and watch TV which can be nice but, I don't know. Honeymoon phase or not companionship and monotony is ultimately not what I want out of a relationship.

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