Youtuber that has been making videos for over 13 years is scheduled to have his channel terminated over copyright disputes from a channel that stole his content

No. I highly encourage everyone to begin copystriking this asshole's channel. Not just the videos featuring OP, but every other video with stolen work. He only needs three and he's done, but he can dispute those. More than three and he'll have an incredibly hard time. We can get it taken down tonight. If you have your own domain and associated email, YT usually immediately sends the copyright notice, so try to use that email address over gmail or outlook.

Why this won't bite you and how DMCA works: any site hosting content can receive a DMCA notice (in YT terms, "copyright strike"). The site must then comply and take down the content. If the site has an issue with it, only a judge in a court can then decide whether it's legitimate. When you do it on YT, YT automatically complies if the claim seems legitimate. It's part of why doing it from an email with your own domain often gets through faster on YT.

What happens when you submit a claim? There's a report button next to every video and one of the options is to claim copyright. You have to enter your name, address, etc. All of this can be fake. Then you timestamp what part of the video is your work and write, Yes, this guy stole this work and I own it. YT just complies and doesn't check so all of it can be false. Scammers do this every single day.

On the scammer's side, he gets the copyright notice in email and YT. If it's more than three, sometimes YT will automatically remove the channel and limit his access to disputing the claims through email. In that case, he can't even watch the videos back to know what parts have been claimed unless he has personal backups.

Then, YT gives the scammer the option to say, 'Hey, no, you've got it wrong, this is all my original work.' In the case of people stealing content, 99% of the time, they'll continue the lie. YT sends you that message. You can agree or disagree. If you disagree, then that's it. The scammer is issued a permanent strike and his only recourse is taking you to court.

Unless he decides to personally sue you over content he does not even own, there are no legal ramifications. If it's stolen, he doesn't have a case, he can't take you to court over content he doesn't own. That's why I strongly urge everyone to begin to copystrike his channel.

Filmmakers, musicians, comedians, people who make incredibly helpful tutorials, or just people who post funny videos of their pets, all of them are harassed by people like this guy and their entire channels get deleted. Years and years of work, gone.

The only way to win this is to fight fire with fire. This complete asshole does not deserve to keep his channel when he's threatening a legitimate creator.

The entire process only takes a couple minutes. I also suggest using a VPN and tying the fake address you use in the copyright strike to the city your VPN is routed through because YT takes a snapshot of your IP. That's why it's more difficult especially if you're using Gmail, because YT, as far as I know, will cross reference your google / android data set with the information you provide to check its legitimacy. Use the address of an existing building.

Don't let this asshole scammer's channel still be up tomorrow. He deserves everything taken away. The more of us that do this, the more likely his channel will be taken down. These people are the reason YT became so much more draconian. It's not legitimate creators that are ruining YT, it's the assholes that YT has to fight.

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