183 House Republicans just voted against resuming food safety inspection

Whether or not the question you asked was an honest one or not, which I'm not going to address, is meaningless

Well that is your problem right there. I asked two questions as a someone who has not once stepped foot on U.S.A soil, which you should be asking:

1) Why were there zero independent votes?

2) What were the details in the bill that might some cause a majority of republicans to be against it?


**The way you framed your question alongside snide remarks about how you'll certainly be banned for sharing your opinion, and anyone else should PM you because of the sacrifice you're making for sharing it in this oh so biased sub makes it clear your intentions are to ridicule people.

I reiterated that I was not trying to be disrespectful and that I was not a U.S citizen with no steak in the game, so to speak, was looking for honest answers to my questions: ZERO people have stepped up to either of two simple questions, and neither have or will you:

1) Why were there no independent votes?

2) Did anyone actually read the bill who can say why republicans would vote against it with a majority?

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