2 killed, at least 20 others injured after shooters fire into a crowd at a Florida club

Totally, if we can help raise certain areas of of poverty, it absolutely correlates to a decrease in violence. These are long term solutions, and that’s great, but what we need is a combination of long and short term plans. It can’t only be the long. So in the long term, I totally agree with what you’re saying conceptually, but you have to recognize that solutions like that take years, and also thag solutions like that don’t invalidate things like the value of immediate solutions like requiring a license. Solutions like Licensing isn’t expected to “fix” the problem, it’s expected to reduce the problem. Then the next solution can come in, and reduce it further. This is literally the definition of progress, and we can’t make any progress if all you want to do is jump off the ground for the top rung of the ladder. What I’m saying is that while the discourse you’re trying to have is ultimately productive in the long term, your line of thinking doesn’t actually do anything to solve any of the immediate issues, it distracts from solutions to solve those issues.

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