[20/M] Is this girl (18/F) worth dating?

There's nothing "hoe-ish" about that sexual history, and even if there was, there's nothing wrong with being hoe-ish. Presumably she was single the whole time, ethical in her hook-ups, and didn't hurt anybody, right? She just had more partners than you expected. It's also possible that these five guys included casual relationship attempts that ended up fizzling out fairly rapidly too, rather than just intentionally NSA hookups without any plans to see them again. Post virginity, lots of people decide that they're ready for sex after a few dates with someone rather than waiting months.

Of course, if you don't want to be with this girl, don't be with this girl. But you do need to get over that negative judgement reflex.

Incompatibility about sexual attitudes and partner counts doesn't mean that she's horrible.

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