2019 Week 5 /r/CFB Poll: #1 Clemson #2 Alabama #3 Georgia #4 LSU #5 Ohio State

I don't think someone running a poll should allow for entries from flawed/incomplete methodologies like that, but it's not my poll

Good thing you aren't running the poll and /u/sirgippy is.

I would have to go into the data and delete your entry before rerunning the calculations.

This isn't how composite polls work. You can't just go in and arbitrarily delete entries you don't like.

I can subjectively say it is very bad right now

Good thing I'm not after subjectivity. That's the whole reason I run a computer poll.

there is more to them than assigning arbitrary values to spurious correlation with no means or interest to correct for even the most glaring holes

This is one of the most off-base comments in your entire post. For one, there are no arbitrary values that I chose in my algorithm at all. It's entirely objective. I also have a tremendous interest in improving my algorithm and the performance of the CFB analysis I do. That's why I am an active and regular contributor on the /r/CFBAnalysis subreddit. If you read my responses to people above, you'd see that I am working on adding other metrics that improve early-season performance while things start to even out in the season.

I highly recommend you give making a computer poll a shot. It's far more difficult than it sounds to make something that is good every week without tweaking. You can make something that performs well in a snapshot in time, but using the same algorithm a week later might result in different results. Again, go ahead and give the Massey Composite a look. Clemson is ranked 1 at best, 10 at worst. Ohio state ranges from 1 to 7. Georgia from 2 to 20. LSU from 1 to 23... It's like that for different teams because different ratings use different metrics to judge performance.

You're the exact kind of person I didn't want to interact with in this situation. I know of the shortcomings of my algorithm, but I am working on averages, and in week 4 things are still kind of skewed.

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