’21 Empty Seats’: More Than One-Third of GOP Senators Reportedly Left Room During Schiff’s Speech

I couldn't find that any more wrong. It is a lot easier to market when you merely have to spit the facts. Democrats aren't really even doing that.

As many shitty people are in the world, most people are going to be drawn to truth and genuine over time. I don't have anything empirical to back that up, but that's why Bernie is polling well ahead of Trump, that's why Bannon was only worried about Bernie in 2016... and Bernie isn't even good at marketing or debating in my opinion (AOC is a better).

People are blinded by ideology, but they can spot a blatant bullshitter compared to the truth. It's not like that many people need to be swayed, 1-2 percent is massive, 3-4 percent is game over. Democrats aren't even doing a good job about speaking the truth about how blatant Trump's corruption has been.

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