22/M/Florida I am so lonely it is starting to make me sick.... I just need someone I can talk to.

Hi man,

the kid dragged the dinner on, as it usually happens. Then it was time for her to go to sleep and she wanted me to tuck her in. Sorry about not logging on later.

What´s your situation? Stationed? Are you in the military? You mentioned being in Florida 1000 miles away from your home, your wife cheating on you, going through a divorce... everything on the list is heavy shit. Everything reminds me on the previous year I had. But let me introduce myself - I am 41 years old, married, have a daughter - in 2 months she´ll be 5 years old. I work as a software consultant in a company in Munich, after moving away from my home country. There is another similarity there - leaving family, friends and relatives 600 km away (7-9 hour drive). That´s weighing heavily on me, especially when I don´t have somebody to talk to. I don´t expect solutions to my problems, but a listening ear would be nice.

As usual, I made it in the new environment, was accepted as a senior in the company and that made my last year sweeter. What made it very bitter was the death of my father in January (long battle with cancer) and my marital problems (wife dropped divorce papers on me after 9 years of marriage.

I don´t want to give you unwanted advice, but don´t make a mistake of taking your ex back. You´ll end up even more hurt the second time around. I went through that shit with my former girlfriend and am talking from the first hand experience. I also hope you didn´t take a big loss financially.

What you have is a serious advantage - you are young. 22 - your life is just starting. There is a good girl out there. Observe, work on yourself and you will end up being in a much more meaningful relationship. And don´t hurry with a marriage. It is not the ultimate proof of love and adoration. I found out that too.

What are your interests? I like to read (my tablet is my favourite device - I buy and read a lot of books from Amazon), watch movies and do recreational training - bodybuilding, fitness exercises. I also make drawings together with my daughter and am working on a project - preparation work that I want to do with my brother. I used to do a lot of DIY work to ease the stress. It is a great to be able to do it, since you learn a lot and improve your environment for a greatly reduced cost. I don´t do that much any more, since I don´t own a flat in Munich. I´m just renting one here.

I can recommend a book and a movie for you. The book is - The Remaining - D.J.Molles. The movie is: About Time

Take care and drop me an e-mail when you find time. I will respond ASAP.

Kind regards, Morden

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