I [22M] had a short fling with a friend [23F] who is becoming increasingly unstable and with recent decisions she’s made, want to document our relationship just in case

It’s the combination of the fact that I have no idea who she is becoming or who she ever was in the first place (what with the character defects that caused her to start feuding with people then the shoplifting and DUI?! That’s pretty egregious for our group of friends and were all like wtf when we heard about it), the fact that I was sexually vulnerable with a crazy person (Intimacy freaks me out generally, and now I’ve gone and had sex with someone who makes poor decisions), and the fact that she comes from a....man I don’t even know how to say it, but comes from a trashy and litigious family deep in the country (her parents have filed lawsuits against construction companies, car dealerships, and I believe a travel agency. Also, They called me a monkey).

What I’m essentially trying to get across is that I’ve exposed/given power to someone prone to behaving very erratically and has been raised in an environment that caused her to be entitled and act dirty (which is how she cut all 10 of us off in the group of friends). I’m passing a lot of judgment here, but point being, I don’t trust this woman at all in any form or fashion, I exposed myself to risk that I don’t normally take, and now I just want to have some simple record that tells it like it is.

That’s it

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