[WP] Humanity is being exterminated by an alien army. Past and present human personality profiles are aggregated to form artificial super-soldiers. The process works 99% of the time. You are one of five personalities just now 'birthed' into a combat-ready body in the middle of the war.

"Dammit! We got another one! 'Works almost 100% of the time,' the other 1% ain't worth it I tell you!" Exclaimed General Smith. He eyed the 8-foot-tall android with a frustrated look on his face. "Sully! Send this one back! He ain't worth it!"

"I forgive you for the unkind words, my son." Said the android, fixing his long robe and re-strapping his golden belt. "Oh you do? Well, ain't I jus' all warm and fuzzy inside." The General paced back and forth, looking the android up and down, with a look of disgust. He sighed heavily and muttered to himself. "Jesu--" he sighed and quickly glanced at the android, who had gotten on his knees and folded his hands, "I tell 'em every time 'dontchya dare send anymore that choose those clothes my way again! They're worthless!' Everyone knows that the clothes they choose determine which personality they got. I swear, I hate the ones that get this personality! They never fight, they're forgiving to everyone, they always just end up prayin' and believin' that they're Him. I'm sick of it!" The android stood up and walked towards General Smith. With a kind look on its face, it asked: "What is it that you have come to me for? Healing? Counsel?" "Actually, uh, sir," the General said, a bit caught off guard, "You have come to me. You were sent actually. To help fi-- I mean, to help feed the poor!" "Ah! I see!" said the android with a look of surprise, "Strange, though... I have no memory of my father telling me to come and see you." The android chuckled and the General watched his wool-like hair shake as he did so, "He definitely works in mysterious ways." "Riiiggghht..." said General Smith, obviously wanting to get rid of what he deemed a failure. "Well! The homeless are through the door marked 'recycling bin.'" The android looked rather puzzled as he turned to the door that the General had pointed out. "Odd name," he said, "for a place to feed the poor. Why is it called that?" "Uh, ya see, ah... Oh yes! We recycle our old food scraps! Then we give it to them! Hence the name." "Hm," said the android, "strange... yet admirable!" He began to make his way to the door. Just as he got to it, the General muttered to himself again: "Jesus H. Christ!" The android turned and stared at him. "Yes?"

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