You know why? There are two different reasons-

  1. This society is so fucked up amd twisted and disgusting that you can be a high up person and take a step the wrong way and be put on 13,000 different news articles on how you're "racist" or something. And everyone has these weird pronouns that if you get them wrong you get shamed to shit? What the fuck? What the fuck is "zam/zoom"? Can't you be normal? And if I say this i get called "homophobic". Can anyone please tell me why?

  2. Being depressed is so quirky that people will strive to be depressed that they'll find and dig for their imperfections and overthink themselves to pure shit . It isn't fun to be depressed. It isn't cool. Stop being like this.

I'm gonna look like a clown for this but if you see any defects please, just comment them. I don't need negative exposure.

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