3D-Printable, DIY Capable , Untraceable and Unstoppable: Glock 17 Gen 3 9x19mm frame coming 3/17.

Oh yeah that reminds me--based on your video I can take a guess at your political ideals. So you'll probably be interested in the stuff I came across dealing with the censor aspect. FYE--

Right alongside the incoming wave of IP and liability controversies with stuff like this, there is a push to have the more commercial/advanced printers talk to a cloud server when you send out a print and then kick back the machine code. We kind of see this with cellphones and newer cars. The seller can issue fixes to a product already sold and the user gets regular updates blah blah. Carbon3D is already doing this. As software migrates to subscription licensing, I see everything headed in this direction.

The issue is this opens up a portal to have a flagging system for files...sort of a mix between the way office printers often try to detect currency copying and Youtube flagging. If you can imagine, Tesla gets super pissed off that people are circulating the stl for a $300 window switch, [insert legislative grey area] and they ask that the most widely circulated versions be entered into the flagging database. This also means printed files might more commonly get stored on cloud databases for public record.

That's why I said to save out the Gcode long term maybe or keep multiple formats. Even farther down the road, that flagging system might be used to watermark or compromise a print even if the stl is good.

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